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Cia dating foreigners

One retired CIA senior paramilitary officer, who served for more than two decades and lives in Virginia, said he was told several years ago that the divorce rate for the agency’s operations division was astonishingly high. Hayden became the CIA’s director in 2006, he and his wife, Jeanine, also heard stories about many marriages falling apart in the clandestine service. “But privacy laws prevented us from getting accurate information,” said Hayden, who served as CIA director until early 2009.

The officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect his family’s identity, said he asked the agency’s human resources office for the numbers in 2005 because he was managing a Middle East operations group and was worried about the post-Sept. When he learned how many marriages were imploding, he said, he urged his officers not to take back-to-back unaccompanied tours. “The real answer is we don’t know what is true about the divorce rate.” While plenty of CIA marriages last for decades, the agency acknowledges that its high-risk jobs “take a toll on relationships,” CIA spokesman Preston Golson said.

The wife told police that her husband had finished off nearly half a box of wine and that after she tossed the rest, he threw her down on the couch, the charging documents showed.

“I felt that [the husband] was the primary aggressor,” the officer wrote, adding the following sentence, which has since been redacted: “[The wife] did want it noted that [her husband] works undercover operations for the CIA, and that he has used his line of work to intimidate her in the past as well as tonight.” The husband was charged with assault and battery and intimidation of a witness, according to police documents.

“It’s really dicey with these couples because secrecy is part of the agency spouse’s job.” * * * At first, her future husband said he was with the State Department, the Fredericksburg woman recalled.

(The Post is not naming the wife or the husband and is leaving out other details about their lives to protect the undercover officer’s identity.

The husband did not return phone calls seeking comment, but his account of their marital difficulties is contained in court documents.) The two met in late 2005 on an online dating site. “Then I had a million questions, but he wouldn’t say more.” They got married later that year in a destination wedding.

They shared mutual interests — traveling, learning languages, and dogs — and agreed to meet for lunch in Alexandria. On the flight back, she noticed that he was eyeing the movements of several young foreign-looking men. “I wondered, was our wedding a cover for an operation?

Unlike the Pentagon, which studies how often service members split up, and knows, for instance, that 29,456 of 798,921 military couples divorced last year, the CIA does not keep official tabs on its employees’ divorce rates.“The Agency is a tight-knit family, so ensuring that spouses and family members feel connected and well-informed is a priority,” Golson said, adding that in any organization, employees who face danger must deal with marital strains.Washington marriage counselors and divorce attorneys who work with CIA couples say some relationships are undone by accusations of affairs or discoveries of hidden bank accounts.You want the kids to play with their kids, and you want the wife to join the local parent-teacher association,” said Baer, who last year co-wrote a book about his past and current marriages, “The Company We Keep,” with his second wife, Dayna Baer, a former agency operative.“I think spouses wonder, ‘Am I here as a prop for you to do a job? It had to be something that ate away at her.” They divorced in the late 1990s, he said, after 13 years of marriage.

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