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Family structure, in other words, is useless in their view.Contemporary research findings follow a general pattern regardless of nationality, age of partners, or income of the couple.Living together has become the "normative experience," with nearly 50 percent of young adults aged twenty to forty cohabiting.Moreover, the percentage of women in their late thirties who said that they had cohabited at least once reached 48 percent in 1995.And over one-third of the resulting households include children.This trend is producing a cultural transformation that has profound ramifications for both people and public policies.

This is an essential part of the nikah contract as it makes her financially viable in case of divorce as well as showing the bridegroom's commitment.

Research conducted at Western Washington University found that there is less sexual fidelity between cohabiting partners, with 20 percent of the cohabiting women cheating compared with only 4 percent of the married women.

The National Sex Survey (polling 3,500 people) reported that men in cohabitating relationships are 4 times more likely to be unfaithful than husbands and that women in cohabitating relationships are 8 times more likely to cheat than are wives.

As cohabitation precedes marriage, this temporary arrangement displaces marriage as the locus of sexual intimacy.

Clearly, when the prevailing attitude is that having sex is "no big deal" and entails no commitment, then moving in and living together with no strings becomes that much more likely.

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The costs of continuing the current trends are simply too high.

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