Dating antique furniture saw marks

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These styles evolved through the years, and if you aren't conversant with them, you can compare features of your table to examples found on antique furniture websites.

Even if the style of the table suggests that it's an antique, however, you have to consider other factors.

Very coarse and irregular teeth marks can place the table to the late 16th century, when only basic handsaws were available. Another way to date a table is to examine the hardware holding it together.

Unless your table predates the 18th century, when it was common to assemble tables with wooden pegs, the fabricators probably assembled it with screws.

Analysis of the tacks and tack holes on the door of the cabinet provided further proof of authenticity. The team delved into archival sources to learn more about the source of the cabinet.

Curators located a 1596 household inventory, pictured here, that describes two French Renaissance cabinets.

Compare the Getty cabinet with the Besançon cabinet.

The exhibition is located at the Getty Center, Museum, South Pavilion.

The dubious cabinet was never displayed in the Getty Museum—until now.It may be a copy, fabricated years after the style was popular.Like styles, sawing techniques have changed through the years, and a close inspection of the unfinished underside of the table should reveal saw marks.If your family has used the same dining room table since you were young, there's a chance that you've been eating your dinner from a priceless antique. Assessing the style of a piece of furniture, such as a dining table, can help determine not only its age, but also from which part of the world it originated.The condition and markings on the wood, the style and the hardware used to assemble the table can help determine if it's antique -- more than 100 years old -- or simply a collectible. Europe has a rich tradition of recognizable styles, from gothic to neo-classical, as does China and America, with its British colonial background.

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