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Dating search congo

The inferiority of women has always been embedded in the indigenous social system and reemphasized in the colonial era.

The colonial-era status of African women in urban areas was low.

In the DRC's eastern highlands, conditions have grown particularly severe.

The state promoted expansion of cash crop hectarage for export, particularly of coffee and quinine, has reduced the amount and quality of land available for peasant household food-crop production.

They generally conduct business without bank accounts, without accounting records, and without reporting all of their commerce.

Although they could not nominate a woman for election to the local council, they did succeed in voting for males friendly to their position.

The newly elected councillors hastened to suspend the taxes and the tolls.

Even when male producers turn to cultivating food crops, the household does not necessarily profit nutritionally.

Food needed for household consumption is frequently sold for cash, cash needed to pay for daily necessities, clothes, school fees, taxes, and so on.

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Their nutritional status and that of their children is correspondingly better.