Newgrounds zelda dating sim international agency ireland dating

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Newgrounds zelda dating sim

Any feedback is more than welcomed, please try it out and leave a review!

Currently we only developed an i OS version, if the game is well recieved we will port it to Android, and I'll make a post about that if/when it happens!

I did the standard RPG sim date stuff, training my stats,working for cash,and winning girls over. and the final girl was Celeste,wearing a purple T-shirt and black shorts,.....she was in a wheelchair and had looked a bit more pale ,also she had a nervous smile on her face. " Yami asked, Celeste interrupted "guys settle down" or she tried to say but she began to choke-up and cried some more.

Now back to my tale, being the semi- Misogynist I used to be at the time I went for Celeste,hoping to betray her later. Celeste then looked up,she looked more pale then before and her face was red with blush, she then spoke. " "as that was my name in real life, I had entered for my character. She then quickly stopped and started talking to me "I trusted you,we went on dates,you told me everything,whenever I cried over something you comforted me,but It all started when you found out I was unable to have sex with you due to my wheelchair, I loved you,every other man treated me like garbage I found you to be different, I guess I was wrong about you." I tried to speak,starting to feel bad for my actions but words couldn't come out of my mouth, Celeste started to cry harder the other girls trying to comfort her.

The last year has been a productive one for me, though I've not uploaded very much here.And the games all look great as well, especially Smash Bros. I will voice every single character and make no attempt to differentiate their voices. This may be the single shittiest flash on Newgrounds if it actually gets made.So I've been trying to get my horrible username changed.Now, you might be wondering, "what shitty name do you want to change to from your current shitty one? Well here's a list of names I considered changing to along with reasons why I did not change to any of them; - Hikaru (was taken by inactive account; also because I don't use that name on the internet anymore) - Oshawatt (was taken by inactive account) - Katamari101, the username I use on most of the internet (was taken by inactive account) Pro-tip; Be REALLY creative with your username because if it's not creative, there's a good chance it's already taken (usually by an inactive account. How do people manage to get their usernames changed so easily?Mods need to do mass deletions of inactive accounts).

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Let's see; they showed gameplay for the new Smash Bros (with Mega fuckin' Man), showed off the new 3D Mario game, more information and footage on Wind Waker HD and the 3DS Link to the Past sequel, showed off a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns, showed off Mario Kart 8, etc. Me and a friend of mine recently started planning on making an animated Mickey Mouse porn movie. To get an idea of how bad it is, there will be a scene where Minnie shoves a cross in her vagina (like in the Exorcist).