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Posted by / 23-Sep-2017 12:20

Experts suggest that smartphones have been the driving force for the latest online dating transformation.

Apps like Bumble or Tinder make finding a match as easy as swiping right, and they help connect online dating with the offline world.

Traditional dating sites like and e Harmony charge for their services.

Lonely hearts are no longer tied to a PC or a laptop to find someone.

Instead, swiping left or right has become a social norm.

Tinder was the first player on the scene and has really created the standard for these fast “swipe and connect” dating apps.

Users tend to forgo a stronger possibility of an “ideal match”, for a more organic and quick real-world meetup.

This user-driven trend removes the time commitment needed for traditional dating sites and successfully gamify’s the experience for newer generations.

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Many of them depend, in large part, on the stated preferences of their users.

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  1. The trouble with this is that sometimes you just don’t have time to go on Bumble for over 24 hours, thus potentially missing out on your soul mate. Happn: Free Happn shows you singles with whom you’ve crossed paths.

  2. My only caution is that both spouses make doubly sure that absolutely NO ONE can/will walk in on you while it’s going on. Hotel rooms are one thing, but if your spouse is deployed overseas…