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Robert belland dating

This one-hour webinar discusses the connections and crossovers among the FCPA and the ITAR Part 129 brokering provisions and Part 130 provisions concerning reporting fees and commissions.

In addition, the webinar provides useful information on how to ensure compliance with both the ITAR provisions and the FCPA.

This live one hour broadcast presented by Philip Bartz and Robert Bell provided an insight into how to safeguard your personal and your company’s rights effectively in US and EU antitrust/competition investigations.

The webinar particularly examined the extent of US and EU competition regulators’ powers of investigation, key steps in the investigation process, how to internally deal with information requests and dawn raids and important tips in how to minimize your and your company’s exposure during the course of an investigation.

Presentation Presentation Slides Date: February 19, 2015 Presenters: Chris Rodgers and Alec Farr Employment agreements with key employees; non-compete, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure restrictions; protecting trade secrets; and due diligence respecting customers, vendors, and employees.

Presentation Presentation Slides Date: October 7, 2014 Presenters: Mark Srere and Susan Kovarovics Through the ITAR regulations, the U. government has additional avenues to gather information about possible corruption violations of companies that are engaged in defense trade activities.

The line between legitimate and illegitimate information exchange arrangements has become difficult to draw.

In this one hour webinar we examine recent developments and cases on information exchanges in the US and the EU to provide guidance.

Presentation Presentation Slides Date: June 11, 2014 Presenters: Anita Esslinger, Christopher Dueringer, Sarah Delon-Bouquet, Jana Fuchs, and Skip Westfall (of Grant Thornton LLP) Cross-border anti-corruption investigations are made increasingly difficult by the need to comply with multiple data protection and employee protection rules.

This one-hour webinar addresses issues arising in the EU, particularly in France and Germany, as well as in China.

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The webinar focused on details and potential impact of the NPRM issued last week proposing to extend Regulation E and Regulation Z to Prepaid Accounts.

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