Russian speed dating howard stern

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Jimmy said he asked Ronnie if her parents are going to pay for the wedding. Howard said it was family day when they all went in and recorded stuff. Howard said he thinks he's scary looking so he has this song thing down to make kids comfortable. Jimmy came in and said Ronnie looks like Letterman with that beard. Jimmy said maybe he's trying to get out of his engagement. Howard said it's like saying fuck you to Stephanie. He said he talked to her about it and she likes it. Robin said it's in his beard but Ronnie's is full gray. Jimmy said he misses the basic sex tips that Ronnie used to do. Howard asked Ronnie if he's done anything in the past month that might be worth mentioning. Jimmy asked if his cock looks like a balloon animal. Jimmy asked if he recorded that at work and then brought it home. He said his dad would engage them and ask him political questions at the age of 5. Jimmy asked if this is the same couch that Wendy shit on last week. Howard said he has some questions from Wendy for Jimmy to answer. Howard said that Beth had never heard the name game before. Howard said he doesn't date anyone who knows the name game. Howard played the Wendy the Slow Adult announcing that ''Jimble Kimble'' was coming in. Howard said his dad would set the record button and go in and sing. Howard said the name game is one and then The Bear went over the Mountain is another one. Howard said he can just talk about his days as a cocksman. Howard said his original sex tip was about eating ass. Howard played a clip of some coverage where the announcer used the phrase. He said in the same game they used it a second time. Howard said it's spreading faster than the Zika virus. Howard said he thought it was really funny but Beth didn't laugh at it. Howard said they're so over the top now that you can't even do them. Howard said she is an adult but it is embarrassing. Howard said on the New England Patriots football coverage they're using it. '' and a song parody about the ''Hit 'em with the Hein! Howard asked why the other announcer doesn't say something about that. am Howard said he may have the funniest phony phone call of all time.

Howard asked how he doesn't know what lane they're in. She ran down a long list of things she'd like from Jimmy. They went back and forth and the woman hosting said she knows it's a dude. They had her saying that she had chafed cunt lips and things like that. Howard said he doesn't try to out funny him or anything either. He said he comes to the house and sits there and works on his TV stuff. The caller asked Howard what this game is that he has to play. Howard said they explain a movie to Wendy and ask her if she knows what movie it is. Howard said they also have an Evil Dave game to play. Howard said people think he's an impressionist but he really just sounds like David Letterman.

Ronnie said it has a vibrator on it so you can plant the motor right on your woman's clit. Ronnie said they get all of that shit there at the show. Howard said the way he won Jane over was by doing a song like his dad did. Howard said he starts to sing the song and now she's hypnotized. Howard said then he sings the name song about Jane in that voice. Jimmy said she made him do it like 150 times in a row.

Howard said imagine there was a cock ring store and it was doing big business. Jimmy said she says his name in her prayers at night too.

Howard quickly went through a bunch of names and asked the guys as they went along if they thought he was going to get them right. Jimmy said he thinks it would be funny if Fallon won over him and he has to come back on after losing.

He got Kaley Cuocco wrong and got Orville Redenbacher right.

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Howard played a clip of Shuli talking to Bobo about that. He said it's really researched and he's really proud of himself. Howard played the Shuli clip again and listened for the sniffling thing again. Howard said she doesn't care about phony phone calls. Howard said Wendy the Slow Adult has some questions for Jimmy too. Robin said ''Oh my god.'' Howard said he doesn't want her drinking hard alcohol. Howard said she came there and said she wasn't allowed to talk about it. Jimmy said you hear Nick Cannon do that and you think he's lost his mind but then he came on the show and laughed about it. He said his wife didn't think that would be a good idea.