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“I probably would’ve slept around a lot more in high school if I could have taken my pants off without help,” comments Tiffiny, 36.She is the executive director of Spinal Pedia.com, a website which contains many videos on SCI topics, including women and sex.“It really bothers me that there’s not a lot of information about sex and sexual issues with women at all,” says Michelle, who was paralyzed in 2002 at age 21.

“When I started back in rehab in the late ’80s, it would not be uncommon for someone with quadriplegia to stay in the hospital for six to nine months.

You want to keep intact how your loved ones perceived you before your injury as much as possible.

This is where the Internet becomes helpful.” Female Orgasms and SCI: They’re for Real “I was mostly curious about orgasms after my injury,” says Friedman. For women with SCI, orgasms have been a subject of speculation, but scientific information is difficult to find, unless you know were to look for it. In the early 2000s, Komisaruk published a study that pinpointed a specific path to female orgasm — the Vagus nerve — which can be activated by deep stimulation of the vagina and cervix, either by a partner or through self-stimulation, using a sexual device such as a dildo. They suddenly burst into tears, and so did we.” He adds that the level of a woman’s injury, and the length of time since injury, did not affect her ability to experience an orgasm.

Most of the links are to information about men — fertility, ejaculation, penile implants and the whole world of male enhancement drugs.

For women with SCI, finding trustworthy, reliable sex advice and information is a struggle. “Most of the sex talk in rehab is more geared toward the men.

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It’s like being there with them and talking to someone and learning from them — it’s very sterile learning any other way,” Tiffiny says.